Hi, I'm Laura, documentarian, sculptor, and Rat Lover.


As a lifelong creator, I use film as a mechanism for exploring the world around me, and ceramics to look within. Since childhood, I’ve been making filmsfirst on my parents video camera, then at the local public access TV station in my hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and now as a documentary filmmaker and owner of Forage Films.

Creating allows me to slow down and focus with a clear head, foregoing any sense of time. I live for the challenge of documentary storytelling, and often find that sculpting is the best way for me get past the roadblocks of an edit. I love the familiar feeling of a fired piece in my hands; how I can hold it and remember where my fingers fit to make each indentation, protrusion, and fold. The process of turning a lifeless lump of clay into an emotive, one-of-a-kind being is magical and never ceases to intrigue and center me.

My inspiration for sculptures stems from my curiosity about humanity, love for creepy things, and gory sense of humor. As a lifelong animal enthusiast, cartoony creatures always seem to find their way into my ceramic creations. As someone constantly developing and redefining my relationship with the world around me, I’m inspired to create my own features the way I see themoften silly, strong, and hilariously grotesque.

As a documentary filmmaker I am inspired by ordinary qualities in extraordinary people and extraordinary qualities in ordinary people and lean toward a character-driven approach to filmmaking. As a feminist and social justice advocate I have found that film is my mechanism of choice for creating awareness and impacting positive social change.